James M. Dawsey is the Wolfe Chair and Professor of Religious Studies at Emory & Henry College, Virginia.  He is the author of several works of theology, history, and fiction including Peter’s Last Sermon; Masters and Savages, The Confederados; From Wasteland to Promised Land; The Lukan Voice; and more than seventy other books, monographs, and articles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  His latest book, a theological novel entitled Evil’s Scent, will be released in the spring of 2012.  Dawsey is an ordained minister in the South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

What does Dawsey say about religiousjourney.com?  “The site arose as a way of extending conversation with students who contact me with questions arising in their religion courses.  Most of the questions relate to the subject matter.  In such cases, I discovered that answers and discussions oftentimes hold interest for others too, even when not enrolled in that particular course.

“Sometimes, the students’ questions are more spiritual in nature, applying to the religious journey upon which they have embarked.  I too am on such a journey, so such questions hold special interest.  What is the path to that abiding peace (even in the midst of storms) characteristic of holy women and men?  How am I to be useful to God?  Does my life fill a purpose?  What is my responsibility to the rest of God’s creation?  How specifically am I to love God and my neighbor?

“This site is also a way of sharing resources with ministers, priests, and other religious professionals–especially from southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee.  My Professorship at Emory & Henry College has been generously endowed for this purpose by the John M. and Rebecca Mullin Wolfe family of the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.

“And finally, religiousjourney.com facilitates and extends dialogue over distance.  It is not unusual to be contacted over a book I’ve authored or a thought expressed at a workshop or forum.  These questions and responses often engender new ideas.  A book or a post is not the final word, but often only the beginning of a conversation from which unexpected insight emerges.”

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