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Path to Henry George: In Memory or Dr. Robert V. Andelson (1931 – 2003)

Speech delivered at the Council of Georgist Organizations, Baltimore, August 2018 I am a person who came to Henry George because of and through my Christian heritage. And I thought it might me helpful to some here to recount the path I took, because it just might be that some of you find yourselves on … Continue reading

Sermon: “The River”

Sermon preached at the Emory United Methodist Church, Virginia, August 19, 2018. Text: Ezekiel 47:1-12 Late summer, 587 BCE: Following war and a prolonged siege, the Babylonians and their allies had breached Jerusalem’s walls, set fire to the city and destroyed the temple. Many of the citizens had been slaughtered; others were marched into slavery. … Continue reading

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  • For RELG 101. Final Take Home Essay is posted on Moodle. Good luck. 1 month ago
  • For Greek 101, Monday, November 4. Read Black, chapter 9. 2 months ago
  • For RELG 101, November 5. Continue discussing religious personal change. Read Textbook, chapter 9. Communal change. 2 months ago
  • For RELG 132, Monday, November 4. Read Harris, chapter 10. Read selections from John's Gospel. A list of passages is on Moodle. 2 months ago
  • For ETLA 401, Monday, November 4. Begin reading Sisters. We will discuss Early Christianity and Women. 2 months ago